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Neck Pain Management Center Kalewadi

The cervical spine is set up to withstand a considerable amount of pressure; nevertheless, there is a multitude of severe injuries and abnormal development that could emerge to the cervical spine's motion regions, resulting in neck and arm pain. Our specialists at the Jeevisha Pain Management Center can assist you in overcoming these difficult symptoms by evaluating the source of your pain and providing you with effective treatment procedures that we specialize in to ease your problems. If you're suffering from continuous neck pain, contact Jeevisha Pain Management Center for help. Our pain management center, the best neck pain management center Kalewadi, provides a comprehensive range of efficient neck pain treatments, including the most modern techniques now accessible to restore movement and reduce discomfort.

Why Choose Jeevisha?

Our expert medical team at the Jeevisha Pain Management Center provides patients with significant perspective and efficient solutions to assist them with effective neck pain management. Our experts have extensive experience in a wide range of spinal therapies and interventional pain management techniques, and they are eager to go beyond to guarantee that your neck-related pain areas are treated throughout your procedure. Our nurses and administrators work hard to ensure that your time with us is both effective and comfortable. The philosophy at our pain management center in Wakad impacts everything we do to cure your pain, from our personalized, novel treatment plans to our cutting-edge facilities.

When determining the cause of your neck discomfort, our leading specialist, Dr. Sanjog Mekewar, will perform a thorough physical examination and evaluate your medical history. To pinpoint the source of your pain, he might recommend imaging tests such as an X-ray or an MRI. Your therapy will be determined by the underlying cause. You could benefit from epidural or nerve block injections, which numb the affected nerves that are causing you discomfort. In conditions such as arthritis, disc herniation, or spinal stenosis, injections could be quite beneficial. Physical therapy and massage can be used to address very tight muscles or pain-causing posture. To alleviate pain, he might also offer neuromuscular stimulation.

Pain relievers, as well as bracing and collars to offer stability, could also be beneficial. Dr. Sanjog Mekewar also provides lifestyle modifications, such as advice fortext neck syndrome,sitting job, lifestyle disorder, IT professionals, sleeping postures and workstation arrangements.
Learn more about our procedure by visiting our neck pain management center in Pimpri. Contact our office or schedule an appointment online now to learn more about Dr. Sanjog Mekewar's remarkable therapy.


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